Friday, February 08, 2008

Will PETA hate me if I wear Muppet fur?

Hold your buckets of paint, everyone.
I realized a long time ago that I liked to wear articles of clothing that look like I skinned Muppets for their pelts. I have countless ridiculous pieces of textured trims, jackets, sweaters and scarves that all look like I went to Jim Henson's character shop to find materials. I can assure you that I don't make this stuff, nor have I ever gone hunting for it. Instead the Muppet clothes seem to find me.

Most recently, this, er, "trend" was seen in my "Animal"-collar sweater and my super comfy "Cookie Monster" jacket, which ironically I
did not eat cookies while wearing. (I could have had cookie martinis, though. Do they even have cookie martinis?)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Free People long cardigan. It has weird furry trim and is a dirty sort of green, although the official color description was teal. I don't usually wear muddy or dusty colors, but it popped the green in my eyes, so it worked just fine. Plus it's a color I don't already have in the closet. It just worked for me somehow.

Then what I realized quite clearly today out in the daylight exactly why I love it.

It looks like the pelt of Oscar the Grouch.

What a coup it was to find something classy and totally "me" that allows me to indulge my inner grouch!

Oscar is my favorite Muppet. Always has been. And as one of the people I met with today, the lovely and bubbly Shannon, mentioned "He was the only dose of reality on Sesame Street."

YES! That is SO TRUE!!

Okay, so usually the colors that I wear best are clear and bright. Most Muppets are clear, bright colors (think Sesame Streeters Big Bird & Elmo). My Romantic fashion personality with Dramatic flair loves textures and the soft feel of fur (always fake. always.). And of course my personality itself is grouchy sometimes.

So, friends, a lesson in why Muppet fur is awesome and why not even PETA can stop me from wearing it!

**The funny thing about the Oscar sweater? It didn't shed so much as it was airborne. I was pulling fibers off my lip gloss and out of my eyes until I finally took it off. It was a bit of pest. Much like Oscar himself.

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