Sunday, February 03, 2008

Retail R.I.P. - Value City Euclid

Value City in Euclid is closing. Traditionally, one of my very favorite places to hit when I was in the mood to hunt, I bought of a lot of designer suits there over the years. I can't remember it ever NOT being there (and I grew up in Euclid), so I'm a little sad.

Everything that is not sold is being shipped out, and the other locations will be closing their doors soon as well. I believe Saturday, Feb 9th will be the last day.

I dropped in a couple of days ago for one last hurrah, and they had a ton of women's clothes left. Lots of winter shoes, men's clothes, Browns and Buckeyes paraphernalia, lots of greeting cards and holiday decorations - esp. Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

I have no idea if Schottenstein's in Columbus will be going out of business as well (they owned Value City). Now that would REALLY bum me out.

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