Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Brighten Up, Cleveland!

Just an average day today in the life of KK. An interview with the Plain Dealer and a networking event. Actually, the latter is becoming more and more scarce on my calendar, which is just fine with me.

But I felt I should attend this one. It was for young professionals and was held at the Cleveland Athletic Club. I was standing in the middle of the ballroom listening to speeches and giggling with Mary Stewart McGovern as I drank my rum & Diet Coke (told you I was going to be in a rum mood this month!). I started looking around at the crowd and was surprised at the sea of dullness surrounding me. Color choices ranged from black to gray to beige. Talk about playing it safe. You would find more colorful clothing in a concentration camp!

It’s almost spring! I would have expected to see some lighter, brighter colors on these young, hip urban professionals, despite the frosty temps and snow on the ground.

There were a few wearing red as an accent color, but I didn't see any other colors that ‘popped’. I was in brown and teal (my standard fishnets included, of course!) – I know it wasn’t the most colorful combination in the world, but at least it wouldn’t make one comatose to look at it. Wearing teal is a real mood elevator for me. Plus it’s a color that looks great on absolutely anyone.

Anyway, those are just my observations. The evening was pretty uneventful and my book was taking up a lot of my useful brain space, so I booked it outta there early. Pardon the pun.

Next time around I will wear a hot pink or yellow suit. What fun is playing it safe?


I’m all for wearing basic pieces, but the outfit above would be more interesting with a bright accent color like fuchsia or coral. Instead it just looks like a stylish nun (does any nun wear Miu Miu? I don't think so!)

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