Friday, February 02, 2007

Fishnets: Not just for streetwalkers anymore!

I have found myself in a strange predicament this winter. I have been wearing skirts with tall boots a lot when I go out. I either don’t want to wear standard tights for whatever reason or can’t find the right shade to blend my hemline with my boot.

The unexpected solution to this dilemma has been fishnet tights. I’ve bought standard black, several shades of brown, and even khaki. They have been a true revelation for me. When nothing else seems to work – pantyhose are out for casualwear, of course, and when tights don’t seem to cut it, opting for a pair of small-patterned fishnet tights has been the answer.

They don’t have to match your skirt or boot precisely but they should work to blend the two together so that your legs are covered and they don’t attract unwanted attention. Think of them more as a finishing point (working in unison with the other pieces you’re wearing to complete your outfit) than as focal point to draw the eye to your legs.

When opting for fishnet tights as a wisely-chosen fashion accessory, here are a few pointers:

1. They work best with a skirt cut just above the knee

2. Wear a knee-high boot - never pair them with pumps or risk looking too provocative

3. If your outfit is “busy”, don’t opt for fishnets – the more basic the outfit, the better

4. The smaller the fishnet pattern, the more appropriate they will look

5. Try to match your hemline color as well as possible for a seamless transition

(Speaking of seamless, make sure they don’t have a seam up the back – that is never a tasteful choice – and don’t select thigh-hi's for obvious reasons!)

Am I the only person who when they think of fishnets thinks of this???

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