Thursday, February 08, 2007

Growing It Out

I am not one to complain about my hair very often. It’s not my best feature, and not my worst. It’s just kind of there. I am a low maintenance hair girl most of the time. I don’t usually like to mess around with it. When I’m home, the top is clipped back and outta my face. When I go out, I either blow it out or set it with Velcro rollers if I want to give it extra body.

Right now, though, I am in an in-between stage between the cut I had over the summer, which was the shortest it has ever been, and where I want it to go, which is a long, layered bob.

But this in-between stage is killing me.

This Saturday will be 8 weeks since my last trim. The longest I usually wait is 5 weeks. The ends are dry and broken from blow drying. And I have another week to wait before I get it cut.

I’m spacing out the trims even more because it needs more time to grow. I am looking forward to longer locks for summer, but this spring is going to be a challenge. I can sense it already.

I sent a whiny email to LisaMarie last night and she sent back some encouraging words, which I can always expect from her – even on something as trifling as my straw-like golden locks.

Thanks, LML!! My hair and I needed that!!

You can always rely on your friends to coddle you in times of inconsequential griping.

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