Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fashion Pirates

I must be joining Miss Britney in the deep end - although I assure you I could never be as terminally stupid.

My style newsletter's theme for March is pirates. Yes, PIRATES. I watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I was dangerously inspired. So I built a newsletter around the idea of shopping for buried treasure.

I mean, who doesn’t love Capt. Jack Sparrow???

Thankfully, my stylish first mates (and co-writers) Wendy and Kelly are happy to go along with all of my crazy ideas.

Hey, at least I’m not boring. That would suck.

Plus it gives me an excuse to put a pic of Johnny Depp in my blog and to drink rum for the month of March! Coconut rum & Coke – one of my faves!

For those of you keeping track for Spring ’07:

What’s Hot: Eye patches, parrots, and pillaging

What’s Not: Peg legs and walking the plank

Yes, I know that's not a parrot >

It's a macaw. Duh.

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