Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Book

Haven’t talked about my book for awhile, but rest assured it is currently in the works. I can’t give too much info on it to the general public (including the title) for obvious reasons. Only about a handful of my closest friends know the details.

General thoughts on writing my book:

In my industry, there have really been two truly groundbreaking books from the standpoint of being highly regarded, widely successful, and having staying power. One was John Molloy’s Dress for Success (and its sequels) and the other was Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful, now in its 55th printing.

There have been countless books on personal style written over the years. Some memorable, some mundane, and many have been rehashings of the same material that has been written over and over again.

I'm writing a book that is the best of both worlds – a compilation of the tried and true from over the years, but with a fresh and contemporary spin for the younger generations.

So I’ve had to think about:

- What sells to my target market?

- What will they think is hip and sexy?

- What will best accomplish my ultimate goals?

I will give away the title of the first chapter and you can draw your own conclusions.


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