Monday, August 08, 2011

So Long, Scarf Barf Bin!

Admittedly, I rarely wear scarves nowadays and I've only kept my favorites from the days when I used to wear them regularly. For the longest time, I have had scarves galore piled in a plastic bin because I've been looking for a solution which did not involve hanging them on hooks in my closet. I feel like the real estate on my closet walls is too precious for items I don't use often.

My "scarf barf bin" drove me nuts because I would just toss scarves in there haphazardly regardless of quality of materials, each individual scarf's tendency to wrinkle or warp, or the opportunity for them to actually be damaged. It was a mishmash of colors, lengths and seasons (summery light gauze, tangled with orange and black skulls-and-crossbones, for example), plus several of my dog's bandannas thrown in for good measure.

I've been so frustrated but have had no solution.

I found these metal rings at the craft store. They're exactly like binder rings from the office supply store, only larger. I bought the three inch variety to store my scarves. They are $0.77 for a pack of two. Not too shabby.

I decided to hang them from a skirt hanger for two reasons: 1) I want them to hang in my closet with the rest of my clothes so they are close by and will be seen and (hopefully) used, but won't take up valuable wall space on hooks or pegs; and 2) the clips on the crystal hanger will help keep the rings balanced.

Orange skulls & crossbones, second from right. See, I wasn't lying!

I also bought 2.5" rings for my necklaces, but that will be a work in progress for some time. I'm looking forward to showing them off one of these days! (And to being able to find the ones I want when I want them. It has been bead bedlam and choker chaos for too long!!!)

What wardrobe organization dilemmas have been bugging you?

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