Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strawberry Blonde Firework?

What do you think of the newly blonde Katy Perry? 

She's a natural blonde. Can you tell?

I have a feeling that the makeup colors are exactly right for her natural coloring.
But in the real world, this shade of blonde is far too warm (golden/reddish)
for someone with her coloring.

I think she can get away with it for two reasons -
first, she has the best professionals doing her color (this would NOT be a
home coloring project!!) and second, her personality is whimsical and fun and she doesn't
adhere to convention. Ash blonde would be far less fun on her
and she wouldn't 'pop' on the red carpet.

I would have *literally* killed for this dress when I was 8.

(I think Katy is always adorable. She can't do much wrong in my book.)

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