Sunday, May 01, 2011

Love This! John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

I stepped out of my L'Oreal home hair color comfort zone yesterday and tried John Frieda's new foam color. I had heard not so great things about L'Oreal's new color foam (mostly comments about what a mess it made), so I intentionally stayed away from it.

I'm someone who is never, ever satisfied with salon color results. And I like to do everything myself. Such is the control freak I am. 

My box base color is the foundation of the "frosting" I put on top of it.

But as those of us who color ourselves know - not all brands are created equal. In terms of color tone, pretty much any shade of medium "natural" blonde will do for me. (Other factors such as quality and fading vary, of course, by brand.) Natural is in the middle of cool (ash) and warm (golden). My ideal base is the color I was as a child - a medium beigey, champagne blonde. Before it turned dishwater blonde - which is the curse of almost all childhood blondes :-(

The color I selected is 8N - medium natural blonde. (Check below for coupon queen Kim's tip for getting it for $1.99 this week!)

Eek! No makeup! Ok, maybe a little.
After I apply my base color, I usually wait until I have a nice block of time available and then lowlight with medium golden brown (it's not as dramatic as it sounds - really) and this time I will also be experimenting with a little red as well. And then I add light, bright highlights. The Frieda color actually covered the aforementioned lowlights I had - a definite bonus! Now I have an even canvas on which to work.


I bought it for regular price ($11.99 at Target) 

From my friend, COUPON QUEEN KIM:

"PLUS the $5/1 coupon in the paper tomorrow,
PLUS the sale at Rite Aid will make it $1.99 tomorrow."

If you want additional info on coloring your hair at home, this book can help. While it's not the best thing ever (I agree with the three star consensus on Amazon), if you're an experienced home colorer, you can pick and choose the info you need. It's a little confusing if you're trying to use the recipes exactly as they are presented, but it's a good book to buy used, at least. 

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Cheapskate Kim said...

Ooh- if you prefer to buy it at Target-- they have a $5 off coupon too that is stackable- so Rite Aid OR Target for $1.99. :) Love your results! Buying mine tonight or tomorrow.

find the Target coupon at