Friday, April 29, 2011

Royalty, Fashion, Snark, Gossip. And Mr. Bean.

I was up for the Royal Wedding, but wasn't really "up" for it, if ya know what I mean. The media's over-reporting and telling us every last bit of minutiae and all the speculation of the so-called experts just ruin things like this for me - way ahead of the actual event.

I expected to tweet and post many more observations on Twitter and Facebook today.

What ended up coming from my stream of consciousness was quite amusing. To me, at least.

I wanted to save my tweets and Facebook updates for posterity. (Wonder what my tweets would have said during Charles & Diana's wedding...and yes, I very much remember it. Even though I wasn't born yet. Bwahahahahahahaha.)

Once you see how much my life revolves around British comedy, you might not be too surprised to find out that this blog was originally called "Keeping Up Appearances." No, the BBC did not threaten me with a lawsuit. The title just evolved. Because I shop. A lot.

So without further rambling, here's what came out of my brain during the wedding and its aftermath...

I know this royal wedding hymn because it was in a Monty Python sketch.
Time to stand in the tea chest.
Now that video is available, here's the wedding version...

Camilla is wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos today. I suddenly like her a little more. 

Camilla + Jimmy = Not so bad
Camilla + Hat the size of the Titanic = Kind of ridiculous + Watch out for icebergs
Heard Rowan Atkinson was at the . Wonder if it was actually Edmund Blackadder or Mr. Bean?

When someone responded that Mr. Bean should definitely be there, I suggested it would be more fun if Blackadder traveled through time to overthrow the queen. Live on TV.

Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry's on-again/off-again/whatev Chelsy Davy = British Tara Reid (ok, I know she's not British but she looks a little, uh, rough)

And one thing I didn't post because one of my FB & Twitter friends used to work for Sarah, Duchess of York:

Princess Eugenie's and Beatrice's fashion tastes reflect their mother's. Zing! 

Yes, I know that was mean. But I can't help but think of all of Fergie's terrible outfits before and after she married into the royal family. I don't think she ever could have imagined that Medusa bow hat on Prince Andrew in drag - oh wait, that's Beatrice? I don't care if their outfits are couture - Eugenie (lt) in Vivienne Westwood and Beatrice in Valentino - I bet there are vastly more flattering choices out there for them. Very few women can rock a square neckline! I want Bea's shoes though. Gimme.

I especially liked Tori Spelling's remark on E!'s Fashion Police: "They look like the wicked step-sisters."

"Have you seen Snuffleupagus?" "No. Have you?"

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