Tuesday, March 02, 2010

5 Fail-Proof Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

I have found repeatedly that both men and women are prone to color ruts. I see it in nearly every closet I enter. The most common color offender is the ubiquitous black, of course, but I also see gray and the beige/oatmeal family catching up these days. And do you know what people tell me? "Well, at least I'm not wearing black all the time." True. And what do I tell them? "You're color choice is probably even less flattering than basic black!"

People in my industry aren't going to love this post. Where I was trained, in the image consulting world, there is only one way to wear the right colors - and that is by having your undertone, hair color and eye color analyzed and obtaining a palette of your own personal best colors to choose from.

While I still believe this is the right remedy because of the results I have seen over the years, the truth is that not everyone is going to invest in color analysis. Sometimes they invite me into their closet and out to shop with them and that is the extent of our work together.

I felt like unless I was the one hand-picking colors for them in the store and choosing from colors they already owned, they would go right back to their 'safe' choices.

Regardless of people's coloring, I have found myself recommending the same five colors to them year after year. I picked these colors because wearing a pop of color is better than dreary black, gray or beige. At least three of them can be found in the stores regardless of the season's trends.

These colors are better for the workplace and interpersonal interactions as well as better for the spirit. Wearing color is an immediate shot of energy for you and makes you visually more attractive to others.

These colors work on brunettes, blondes and redheads for different reasons. But they work.

So if you are stuck in a color rut, the first way to climb out is by adding some new "safe" colors to your closet. If you already own some of these colors but aren't wearing them, you will get extra points if you dig them out and add them to your clothing rotation. You will feel a difference!



Bethany said...

Could you link to some clothes currently available in mass stores (Ny&Co, Kohls, other stores around the nation) in the colors so we can be sure we're seeing the colors right? Monitors can display colors so differently that I'm not quite sure what Chinese blue is. It looks almost teal blue to me and I'm not sure that's right.

Shoes Always Fit said...

I'm glad to see plum in that list! I'm ahead of the game.

My color rut, interestingly enough, is purple. I own TONS of purple...and Burgandy too. This season I'm trying to get more teal.

Kristen Kaleal said...

The hex color of Chinese Blue is #047DA6. I don't have time to hunt down pics right now. :)