Thursday, March 04, 2010

Clothe Your Personality

Have you ever been in a dressing room trying something on that looked great on the hanger, but when you put it on your body, you literally felt like literally leaping out of your skin? 

Maybe it was a frilly dress you wanted to wear to a wedding, when you’re really a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Or you may have tried on a classic suit - because everyone is "supposed" to have one, even though you are naturally more of a fun and trendy dresser. 

Perhaps it felt so wrong on you that your body was completely rejecting it!

Now think about your closet for a second. Is every article of clothing, every accessory, every single item in there a true reflection of YOU - not only does it flatter the way you look - your coloring and body shape - but does it also honor who you are on the inside? 

Does it feel right when you put it on, or do you feel like you are wearing someone else's clothes? Is your style consistent every day?  And does it reflect who you truly are?

Make no mistake about it, discovering your own personal style is empowering. It will save you time and money and will make every day a pleasure to get dressed. It turns simply wearing clothes into a true expression of who you are now and the person you want to be.

Fashion personality is what separates the style icons like Jackie O., Princess Di, and Audrey Hepburn and even fictional characters Annie Hall and Carrie Bradshaw - from the wannabes.

These are people and characters who understood themselves and found their true style.  It became a manifestation of who they were. Whether through simplicity or creativity, they knew themselves and how to express their personality traits on the outside. In other words, they were comfortable in their own skin.

I know, for instance, that when I go into a department store, there may be ten clothing items in the entire place that will truly clothe both my body and my personality. When I'm not wearing what I feel my best in, I don't feel quite as "me."

That's what the concept of fashion personality is all about. Once you figure out the colors that harmonize with your unique coloring and after you learn to respect your body - the good, the not-so-good and the stuff you cannot change without a major investment in cosmetic surgery, the next logical step is to understand how to buy what expresses you.

Think about it this way - rebellious teenagers do this naturally."I'm gonna wear what I want, and if you don't like it, tough!"

So why is it that as we get older, we become more afraid to be unique? We are all individuals, so why not celebrate those differences in the way we dress? There isn’t anyone telling you that you cannot wear a colorful or funky pair of shoes that you love or a fun top or earrings. If it feels right, doesn’t offend anyone and maintains your dignity, who says you can't go for it? 
So what is YOUR unique fashion personality? Most of us are a combination of at least two of them.  

Alluring - Love to wear body-conscious shapes, low necklines, sexy shoes, etc.

Classic – Gravitate toward tailored lines, are conservative and polished

Dramatic - Like bold clothing, like to draw attention to themselves!

Romantic - Soft and feminine, they love how fabrics feel!

Natural - Minimal in approach, they tend like functionality and tend to gravitate toward texture

Creative - Anything goes, mix and match – they value creative expression

How do you determine your own personality?  Well, you probably know yourself pretty well already! But ask yourself these questions:

1. How would you describe your current fashion style?

2. Who is your style icon?

3. If you could have only two things in your closet, what would they be

4. How would someone describe you in terms of your clothes?

5. What would you never be caught wearing?

6. If you had unlimited store credit, where would you shop?

7. What do you wish you could wear, but can't seem to pull it off?

Perhaps the easiest way to figure out your own fashion personality is to take a look at your accessories. 

Dramatics like accessories that make a big statement. Classics love traditional pieces like simple pumps and a pearl necklace. Naturals like to keep it simple – maybe a pair of hoops and a functional shoe. Romantics love soft textures, feminine swirls and sparkle. Creative personalities tend to wear whatever they feel like wearing, and Alluring women wear accessories with sex appeal – whether showing off sexy red toenails or a Y-shaped necklace worn with a plunging neckline. 

Can you figure out what fashion personality would wear each of these shoes?

Remember, your fashion life is an adventure. Celebrate it!  Nothing is right or wrong if it expresses your personality and makes you feel amazing! 

a) Classic d) Romantic b) Alluring e) Creative c) Natural f) Dramatic

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Mel said...

Love this article, K! Especially having just made the "dress up" comment. When dressing for my nights out, events and like situations, I stick to my style -- which is what I call a "Granola Chic."Unfortunately, I can't adhere to this style when it comes time for professional situations (such as interviews) -- ESPECIALLY because I have visible tattoos, which need to be covered (and I HATE long sleeves; most all my tops are short or three-quarter length -- even my jackets!).

I love jeans, tees, scarves, understated jewelry. I also love boots and heels. I feel most comfortable in layers, and in colors of blue and gray.

I HATE matching suits almost as much as I hate collared shirts. I like dresses, but not so much on skirts, unless it's casual summer beach attire. Regardless, I keep almost all the above (like it or not) in my closet because I feel as though i need be prepared for certain events.

That said, based on the shoe quiz, my favorite is the "Classic" option. I've never considered my fashion style as classic, but perhaps it is.