Monday, February 22, 2010

Stock Up Sale!

Spring is almost here. I can feel it in the air. I can also feel that a lot of good stuff is on sale right now. My spidey sense is tingling!*

(*Admission: The fact that I've been out perusing the sale racks is far closer to the truth. My only super power is sensing when happy hour is ending.)

Is it the right time to stock up on necessities for next winter? Yes, kids. Everyone likes a bargain.

But don't trends change, KK? Why yes they do. 

So what should you buy NOW that will put you in 
good shape for the cold and chill next fall and winter?

1.  Coats
If you need a new coat, now is the time. Make sure it has classic lines and will be able to be worn for the next 2-5 years. If you have a decent coat rotation, they last much longer, of course. If you don't have the basics like black, navy, brown or winter white, focus on those colors first. Then go for a fun accent color or pattern.

2.  Cashmere Sweaters
This needs no explanation. Invest in cashmere. It feels wonderfullllllll!!!!!!!

3.  Jammies & Slippers
Nothing feels quite like a brand new pair of pajamas on a cold night. In most stores, they are now half-off or more. Why not buy a new pair or two and put them aside for when the furnace kicks on next year? Also, keep those feet warm with some comfy new slippers. Extra points if they are pink, fluffy and have a face.

4.  Tights & Trouser socks 
....and warm regular socks. Imagine my shock when I realized that I had more monkey socks in my drawer than the black socks I desperately needed. I too have to be reminded to stock up sometimes! 

We don't know what the trends will be for tights next year. They were pretty wild this year! Don't stock up on crazy colors or prints unless you really, really love them. Instead, buy black and brown and any basic color you know you tend to wear in the cold weather. Textures and soft, muted patterns are fine too. 

5.  Scarves, Gloves, Hats
I'm not big on matching accessories, unless they are your outerwear accessories. I like when two of them match and they other is a wild card. For instance, today, I was wearing a charcoal wool coat, pink gloves, pink scarf and a lime, pink and gold hat. (Prettier than it sounds!) I was carrying my dark pink bag. I felt very put together. 

Now is the time to buy in sets. Go ahead - be matchy-matchy for once. I'm telling you it is okay. It's so you have all the matching pieces and can mix and match them at will. 

I am also a fan of buying elegant leather and suede gloves at this time of year. I try to have a pair that goes with each of my basic coat colors - and I also have red ones that get a lot of use too. They bring a spark to my black coats.

Stash it!
I love taking my fall and winter clothes out for the first time each year because there are always happy surprises. I love the Christmas morning feeling I get when I find things I didn't realize I bought at end of season sales. It *almost* makes the crummy weather more bearable. 


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Alanna Klapp said...

Great post, Kristen, makes me want to go shopping!!! Anything to make the weather more bearable, and if it's on sale, all the better!