Monday, October 19, 2009

Fishnets: Not just for Dr. Frank-N-Furter

When it's chilly outside, I tend to wear skirts with tall boots quite a bit. I'm not a huge fan of tights. If it were up to me, I would just run around with bare legs all fall and winter (and flip-flops too!). But that would be silly and I would get sick.

Over the last few years, the unexpected solution to this dilemma has been fishnet stockings.

In the past, if I couldn't find a pair of tights that matched a skirt or boots perfectly, I wouldn't wear the outfit. For instance, I have a plum corduroy skirt that I love and wanted desperately to wear. Good luck finding a matching shade of tights though. I hunted all over the U.S. and part of Canada and found none. The other usual go-to shades, black or brown, also weren't quite right. Neither were 'just a little off' colors like purple or burgundy. The only answer that made sense was nude-colored fishnets and tan boots.

They worked so perfectly that I had an epiphany: When nothing else works, fishnets are sometimes the answer. They increase one's cold weather dressing options immensely.

I know that they have a questionable past. Most people think of ladies of the evening. To me, they have always brought to mind misfits from midnight showings of Rocky Horror.

Just a sweet transvestite...

But that has all changed as they've become so readily available in so many shapes, colors, styles and sizes.
Fishnet stockings don’t have to match your skirt or boot precisely, but they should work to blend the two together so that your legs are covered and they don’t attract unwanted attention. Think of them more as a finishing point (working in unison with the other pieces you’re wearing to complete your outfit) than as focal point to draw the eye down to your legs. Unless you want that, of course ;)

Here are a few pointers:
1. They work best with a skirt that ends just at or right above the knee. They are also fine with long skirts. Wear fishnets with a miniskirt at your own risk.

2. I prefer to wear them with knee-high boots - pairing with pumps is okay too. I'm not a big fan of wearing fishnets with sandals for dressy occasions, but with peeptoes, they are fine.

3. If your outfit is “busy”, go for plain tights. If you want to wear fishnets, the more basic the outfit, the better. If you want to wear them with a print, see #4.

4. The tighter the fishnet weave , the more they look like a solid from far away. Smaller patterns are also dressier.

5. Try to match either your hemline color or boot as well as possible for a seamless transition

And a few words of warning:

* Make sure they don’t have a seam up the back
for obvious reasons.
* Medium or small sized patterns work best.
* If they get a hole in them, they must be discarded. No holey fishnets.

* Don’t opt for thigh-highs.

* And NEVER buy your fishnets in a Halloween store!

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Sher said...

LOL! I remember the rocky horror picture show!

I don't do fishnets, but I do thigh highs ;)