Sunday, November 08, 2009

Women: The best way to carry business cards

A wise image consultant once gave me a great bit of advice: Instead of using one of those tiny little metal business card holders, carry your cards in a decorative cigarette case.

But the question is: Since the glamorous heyday of smoking is long gone, where can you find them?

Cigar stores are few and far between nowadays. Sometimes you can find them in vintage or antique stores if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I ordered my antique silver case on ebay for about $10.

What made me think of this today is that I actually saw stylish cigarette cases at a store that is accessible to most of the
U.S. - teenybopperish mall accessories store, ICING.

The difference between a cigarette case and a traditional metal business card case is the depth. When I used the monogrammed business card case I was given when I started my business, I was constantly replenishing my cards. If I was going to a big networking event, I had to find another place to stash extra cards where they wouldn't bend or warp. What an inconvenience.

There is also room in a cigarette case for your cards on one side and the cards you collect from others on the opposite side. So you won't ever have to worry about how you carry around business cards again.

For business women, it also adds to your professional image to have an attractive and easily accessible place for your cards. The other benefit is that you aren't just throwing the cards you collect into your bag (which is what I often did - VERY BAD - and disrespectful!).

My one question that remains after seeing cigarette cases in a mainstream store...

Is the ICING store trying to make smoking cool again? Or encourage more women to go into business? Hmmmm....

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bluebue said...

You can also find them at Urban Outfitters. The cigarette cases are also great for carrying your ID, some cash & maybe a credit card or two instead of a clutch or a bag.