Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall 2009's Wearable Trends

1) Colorful Statement Bag

B. Makowsky Kiev Hobo – Macy’s

One of the best ways to inject some color into your cold weather drabs is to have a hot bag to grab when you’re leaving the house. Extra credit if you can find a lightweight scarf containing a similar shade of purple. It will look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit. Don't worry - I won’t tell!

2) Menswear Details & Cutouts

Lace-Cut Oxfords - Anthropologie

Accessories influenced by menswear are an autumn fashion staple. Here, a men’s oxford-style shoe is made more ladylike with cutout details, a peeptoe, and a nice high heel. This shoe will look fabulous with brown tights or trouser socks peeking out for contrast.

3) Boyfriend Jacket

Sashimi Blazer (Juniors) - Nordstrom

Everyone seems to be turning up their sleeves this season. While the long version of the boyfriend blazer will never be a flattering look for curvy women, there are lengths out there to suit everyone. And if you don’t feel like investing in a jacket that may not be in style for too long, an alternative is taking a longer jacket you already have, buying small shoulder pads at JoAnn Fabrics and rolling up the sleeves. Instant boyfriend jacket!

4) Ruffles

Elaborate Ruffle Halter – The Limited

We have seen ruffles every season for years now. Do you think ruffles are a good

investment? You bet. They are one of those details that you either love or loathe.

If you have a romantic side to your clothing personality, then ruffles feel fabulous and look great on you. If they’re not your thing, then it’s okay to pass them by.

5) Statement Necklace

Braided Stones and Chains – Forever 21

Necklaces are my favorite accessory. And you thought I would say shoes! Nothing but a necklace can make a drab outfit more exciting both quickly and inexpensively. They are also the recessionista’s best friend because they can transform something you’ve worn dozens of times into whole new look.

With necklaces right now, the bigger the better. Statement necklaces are usually worn close to the face – at 16” or 18" lengths.

6) Cute Hat

Roxy/Sasha Fedora –

In my book, cute hats are always “in” - especially if you live in a chilly environment like I do. Try that scarf trick you used with the bag above with a colorful hat. You can thank me later :}

7) Long Cardigan

Gianni Bini "Forest" Duster - Dillards

Another 80’s trend to go along with the boyfriend jacket, long cardigans are everywhere. Be sure to try on a bunch of them before choosing one. There are many, many styles out there and it is a very tricky piece to pull off successfully if you are short or curvy.

The “duster” style shown above is very flattering to most body types and can be worn to work and with jeans for years to come. A great investment piece.

8) Pink

Michael Kors double-breasted short trench coat –

Pink is not necessarily the color you most associate with fall, and that’s what makes it unexpected and exciting. Fall’s pink is a little on the dusty side to go with all the gray shades we’re seeing in the stores. A jacket like the one pictured above can be worn now with a lightweight scarf or it can be a spring jacket as well.

9) Neon

Pretty Ballerinas Neon –

If we’re talking about what’s in for fall, we have to touch on the neon trend. All I can do is say a sarcastic thank you to the 1980’s for neon. For those of us who already lived through the wild fluorescents, we will probably skip this one every time it cycles back in fashion. But it’s new to others, so the best advice I can give is to use it sparingly. A simple shoe or bracelet will do – and I won’t have to avert my eyes when you’re walking toward me.

10) Patterned Tights

Worthington® Chevron Tights – JC Penney

Yawn! Patterned tights. Again. They’re not even a trend anymore. They’re an essential wardrobe staple. Hint: When the tights sales start at the end of winter, stock up on plain black and black patterned ones. The darker they are, the more flattering they will always be. I love the large herringbone-type pattern above.

Now that you’ll be looking stylish and feeling hot, the cold weather isn’t so bad, right?


Anonymous said...

I love 1 4 5 8 10

Always a Bridesmaid said...

So cute! Though I will never get used to the tights with peep toes thing. Looks good on others, but I just can't pull it off. Thanks for the ideas!

Shoes Always Fit said...

Well, I'm glad at least one thing right! I love my bright purple bag.

And I'm knitting my own long sweater -- I'll have to bump up my production time on that so I can get it finished before Fall is over.

Anonymous said...

Great advice and nice touch with the links.

Color My Closet said...

KK, love this post. Thanks for the great visuals! Lauren