Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sharing my gifts with the world!

When I spent my two weeks sick on the couch, I got super bored. So I went out and bought a kid's big drawing tablet and markers. I filled the WHOLE THING with my weird drawings. Forty pages.

This past weekend, I took said tablet to my parents to s
how them the fruits of my labor.

And to my surprise, both of my parents said I'm a really good artist! Can
you believe it?! I'm not used to such validation! Naturally, my ego has swelled beyond comprehension.

And here I used to think that I have the artistic ability of a
very talented 10 year old.

(I do have an Art History degree and have studied the masters, but instead I draw sea creatures, cocktails and gay pirate flags.)


Narm said...

How much do you want to tattoo that lobster on my arm?

Crackout Blackout said...

Oh man. You are hilarious. I'll take the spooky cocktails please!