Friday, October 17, 2008

In a decorating mood

I won't be moving for awhile, but I am looking for design inspiration.

And I can't find what I'm looking for.

In fact, I have no idea what I am looking for, so how can I find it?

My ideal place to live is a model home with none of my clutter or closet monkeys. In fact, when I lived in the kingdom of new construction (Las Vegas), on the weekends, I would tour model homes. The Street of Dreams was in my development a couple of times and I would sneak my camera in. This is how serious I was about finding design inspiration.

I love to decorate and my taste is definitely eclectic, but I don't like anything that looks cluttered. And I like a lot of color - just nothing that bothers my eyes, and nothing too deep.

I like round shapes and swirls, just like in my wardrobe.

I love texture and mixing patterns, but not too much.

I also like some elements of the early 60's mod style and the cocktail culture.

I have a subscription to and peruse the designer gallery on HGTV, but have still not found what I really like. When I see objects, I know they're my taste, but I have never seen exactly what I like all in one place.

When I move, I want to know what I'm doing so that I don't mess around with a bunch of different styles and ideas like I did with my Vegas house. I made a number of mistakes that I don't want to repeat.

I get like this sometimes. The decorating bug lies dormant in me until something coaxes it out. I'm glad it's not there all the time, otherwise, I would have neverending decorating projects and would make myself crazy.

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