Wednesday, September 03, 2008

KK: Shoe Pundit

Let them have their political discourse...

and I will provide the shoe commentary!

I don't normally discuss politics in my little blog, but I wanted to mention that my philosophy is to check out the shoes first, ask questions later.

And I was quite impressed by Sarah Palin. Why? Because I liked her shoes.

I looked at her feet this past Friday and saw not a boring pair of black pumps, which is what I totally expected, but a pair of sexy red peeptoes. And you can't wear peeptoes with hosiery, so that means she tossed aside the pantyhose as well. (Women around the country, you may cheer now - this may have been one of the first steps to finally getting rid of the bain of our existence.)

So I decided to see if McCain's running mate was a bit of a shoe maverick as well. And it appears that she is....

Not sure PETA would approve of the bear (or the crab), but I dig the shoes. I mean, a governor looking all business on top and then wearing red flip-flops?

New Alaska quarter? Check. Sexy boots? Check. (I think the jacket is awful though.) Hey, there's that bear again!

And no, I am not voting for anyone's feet, but as a fashion commentator, I needed to mention that I am impressed by her shoes. It's not what Laura Bush would wear. And that's a good thing!

Tonight when she accepts the nomination for VP, I will be tuning in. For the footwear.


BTW, I have heard of her referred to as both a VPILF (thanks, Campinelli!) and McCain's trophy VP. To me, she just looks like Tina Fey.


Narm said...

I will NOT be seduced by sexy boots, a pretty smile and the librarian look...


matt said...

I love this. I don't know what to call her...but the Tina Fey resemblance is funny...I'm sure that the 30 Rock writers will have some fun with that eventually.

I love me some Tina Fey.