Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Prez...again

I'm only posting this because I know I will get a lot of emails on Monday. Maybe this will save a few.

Yes, I am president of the Assoc. of Image Consultants Intl. (AICI) OH/PA Chapter for a second term. It was in the PD's On the Go section today.

Super cool, I know.

I didn't set out to take the post again this year, believe me. But we made so many advances in the last year that it seemed to make more sense to stay on our charted course for another year - we increased membership by over 130%, gained lots more members participating in leadership roles (big yay!), had a fabulous education weekend, increased revenue, started meetings in Philadelphia in addition to the traditional Columbus meetings, and began a training program for new members.

We're on our way (if not already there) to becoming the preeminent small chapter in AICI, which was always our goal.

The lovely and intelligent Erica Torres-Dudziak of Lorain is my VP again, and we have a great group helping to make us even better!


p said...

LOL, I saw it this morning..."Hey, I read her blog!" Funny thing is that I don't even subscribe anymore, but there it was on the front porch...weird!

matt said...

congrats...that is great!