Monday, August 25, 2008

Movie Move-in

If you could move into any movie - because of the time, place, scenario, co-star, etc. - what movie would it be?

I recently realized that I would be frighteningly comfy in ~

I love the the colors, the clothes, the early 1960's kitsch, the sexual banter and innuendo, and of course, Ewan McGregor *not* dressed like a Jedi.

But most importantly, if I moved into Down with Love, it would mean I had finished my damn book.


Mel said...

Can I move into Swingtown?

Seriously though, the clothes, the hair, the music, the fab retro furniture, the casual drug use. LOL You probably would be able to talk me into sharing my husband too!!

matt said...

I'd probably choose Groundhog Day (Andie!) or Say Anything (Iona Skye!)

I love everything about both of those movies.

What About Bob could be fun, too!

Kristen Kaleal said...

Two words, Mel:


I don't think I would mind moving into What About Bob either, Matt!

Groundhog Day would make me nuts though! I couldn't deal running into the annoying insurance guy every day.