Saturday, August 02, 2008

KK: Crime Scene Investigator

Whew! I am tired. Recovering from two very busy days in Columbus, where I was an amateur zoologist one day and the next when I was solving a crime.

I went to the Columbus Zoo yesterday and it was pretty awesome. What I really miss at our zoo is the opportunity to pet stuff. We used to have a petting farm, but to my knowledge, it's not there anymore. We can pet stingrays, but not regular animals.

The Columbus Zoo offered lots of animals to pet. Here's what I got to do:

- Combed a sheep and a goat

- Petted a bearded dragon (lizard), a blue-tongued skink and a little orange snake

I love animals, as if you couldn't tell. I love the opportunity to pet lizards for some reason. I remember in college, some guy was giving a speech about his pet snakes and I had a baby boa constrictor wrapped around one wrist and a baby ball python wrapped around the other. Matching bracelets. They were really cute, but they ate baby mice, which was gross, and that's why I would never own a snake. Even though I think they're really cool. Ok, maybe I'm weird. I also wouldn't want it to eat my dog!

Anyway, Columbus has a really beautiful zoo and I would go back there anytime. I did feel (for a sec) like I was cheating on our zoo, but my money and support are given locally, so it's ok to check out other zoos every now and then.

Today, I went to COSI and got to solve a pretend crime. The CSI interactive exhibit did not disappoint! I was a little sad that we only got to solve one of the pretend crimes (there were 3) and they didn't seem to have an option where you could buy an extra CSI admission without buying another admission into COSI, which is silly. So I'm hoping it comes to our Science Center in the future. It was awesome. I was really analyzing DNA, blowfly maggots (yum!), doing toxicology experiments and (sort of) witnessing an autopsy with CSI's Doc Robbins, who I totally believe is a real medical examiner and not just an actor. (He's almost
too believable.)

If you're in Columbus and want something fun to do, check it out! It's there until Sept. 1st.

I have some pics to post when I feel like uploading them. Right now, I have a headache from the CSI excitement. (It's like a mini-shark headache.)

I am a total CSI dork, but if you read my blog, you already know that!

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