Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Almost on MTV....

I had a really amazing opportunity that came my way last week. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it, so I can tell you about it now.

I had the chance to work on MTV's show Made. They were looking for an image consultant to turn a tomboy into a girly girl. It was placed right into my lap with a big pink bow on it.

Too bad it would have meant committing 5-6 weeks of my life to the project and uprooting myself and moving to Nebraska. I simply couldn't do that.

So I had to pass on what was one of the coolest opportunities to ever come my way.

But I'm not crying in my oatmeal....I was thrilled to have the chance, but more cool stuff is on the way. I just couldn't commit to this one.

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Scalise said...


I cannot believe you turned that down. I understand moving sucks...but this is national coverage and advertising for you and your business we are talking about. I hope you strongly considered the opportunity and didn't just dismiss it as soon as you saw that you had to move, because I feel you gave up the chance of a lifetime.