Sunday, July 27, 2008

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week*

Yay! It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! I'm tired of writing today and I'm in serious vegging out mode. I should close up my laptop and do something - anything! - besides stare at the screen.

I used to collect sharks. Stuffed ones. I still kinda do whenever I see one I don't already have. I know volumes of useless shark information (and not just because I was a biology minor).

I think it first started when my brother saw Jaws and was terrified of sharks. He was about 4 and was even afraid of pictures of sharks. So naturally, to antagonize him, I developed an affinity for sharks. Nice big sis, huh?

The worst headache of my life occurred on my birthday the year the Shark Encounter opened at our Sea World. Called my legendary "shark headache" because I was so super excited to see the sharks (I was like 20 at the time - not a little kid, mind you), I actually thought I was having a brain aneurysm and was ready to go to the E/R until I bought 2 Advil and then I was miraculously fine.

Anyway, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, sharks are cool.

Wherever I travel, I check to see if there's an aquarium there. Some of them I've been to include the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and the aquarium in Boston.

I was doing some reading on shark conservation and then I realized I can do something cool right here.

A group has been trying to build a new aquarium here in Cleveland for some time now. That would be a phenomenal addition to the lakefront as well as an awesome compliment to the Science Center.

I am just old enough to remember the old Cleveland Aquarium (and I still have the little abalone and rhinestone turtle earrings my parents bought me. I was maybe 3 or 4. Am I giving away my age?).

Anyway, I'm reserving my best writing for my book right now, so please excuse my blog if I ramble or if I'm super boring right now.

* A line from my fave show 30 Rock

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Mel said...

Good luck on the book! That's a HUGE undertaking, as I personally know.

*sigh* I'll never finish mine LOL