Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking Thinner

We did a fitness challenge called "Rock the Scales" at Mentor Fitworks based on how much the contestants worked out over a three month period. Cindy was one of the winners. She won two outfits - one that fit her lifestyle and the other to wear to the gym. She got her makeup done - as well as a hot new hairstyle along with some sexy blonde highlights for summer.

I didn't think she looked bad at all before. But when I was looking at the "Before" and "After" pictures, which were taken only four days apart, I realized just how much slimmer she looked when we applied some super simple clothing tricks that anyone can use!

Here are 10 simple tricks you can use - today!

1. Create an unbroken column of color
We did that here with the same color base garments (brown). This will make you look taller and leaner instantly!

2. Avoid clothing that cuts you off visually at your widest point
Notice that her top in the "Before" picture ends right at her hips, which makes everything above and below it look larger. In the "After" picture, her jacket ends just above the hip bone.

3. Use bright or light color strategically
Bright colors advance visually, so they can make you look bigger if you wear them all over - or in the wrong places! They aren't the best colors to wear if you have a few pounds to hide. Here, the coral denim jacket is creating a frame for the brown top to give her a slimmer shape.

4. Watch your sleeve length
In the summertime, this is a tough one! Don't let your sleeve end at a heavy part of your arm. In the "Before" picture, the sleeve ends at an unflattering spot, which makes her look bustier than she is. In the summer, you may not choose to wear a jacket, but be aware that your sleeve length matters. If you have slim arms or aren't busty, by all means go for a tank top or any sleeve length. The rest of us, however, should look for a sleeve that ends just above the bustline, on or a 3/4 length sleeve that ends on the forearm.

5. Be careful about your shoes
In the "Before' pic, Cindy is wearing a strappy sandal that cuts her legs off visually right below the ankle, thus shortening her legs. In order to make your legs looks longer and thinner, avoid wearing a strap on the leg or close to the ankle. Instead, wear a sandal like she is wearing in the "After" picture. Instead of the straps being straight, they criss-cross and are situated lower on the foot. (P.S. Avoid those popular "gladiator" sandals like the plague.)

6. Where do your pants end?
Just like your sleeves, the length of your pants matters. Capris, crops and all their short-pant friends can throw your body proportions off-kilter, which can make you look heavier than you are. And we don't want that! Here are your two rules to remember!

1) A wider-leg pant makes your bottom half look bigger.

2) Don't let your pants end at a wide part of your leg. To rock out a cropped or capri pant, the length is key. They should end:

- Just below the knee
- On a slimmer part of the calf (below the fullest part)
- Just above the ankle

7. Create or define your waist
Since Cindy has a body shape that naturally doesn't have much waist definition, we needed to create a waist for her. We did this with the coral jacket, which had a nice shape to it. With no effort from us, voilĂ ! she has an hourglass figure!

8. Round adds pounds
A crisp v-neck or higher neck line would have been more flattering than the deep scoop neck she was wearing before. Round necklines can make the neck and face look heavier and the shoulders look wider.

9. Vertical Details
The best trick is to keep the eye moving vertically. The buttons on the jacket are creating a subtle but effective vertical line which leads the eye up and down. A long necklace would have had the same effect.

10. Rethink your hairstyle
Did you know that a great hairstyle can slim your face? I mentioned the importance of vertical lines before. Do you see the lines that are framing her face? Even the blonde streaks reinforce the strong verticals of the 'do!

Clothes: Macy's/Great Lakes Mall (Brown outfit: Jones NY/Workout outfit: Style & Co.)
Hair & Makeup: Julia Niedzialek/Jenniffer & Co.
Styled by: Me :)

Season: Deep Autumn
Contrast: Medium to Low-Medium
Body Type: Rectangle
Fashion Personality: Natural Classic

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JennyG said...

Wow that was amazing!! Thanks for all the great tips. She does look thinner, taller, and much more put together!!