Sunday, June 08, 2008

Take ANYTHING but the SHOES!!!

I was watching E's Denise Richards: It's Complicated this morning. I have no idea why. It's not good - or insightful. And I think she is more than a bit vacuous.

But I did get some blog fodder.

After doing an interview for a Redbook cover, Ms. Richards went to review what occurred with her widower dad, who is living at her house. He told her she swore quite a bit during the interview. She said, "No I didn't!" and of course, E! edited in all the clips of her bleeped four-letter words, which completely proved her wrong.

Apparently, each time she swears, her dad makes her give up a pair of shoes.

So they went into her closet and selected 12 designer pairs and took them to Goodwill.

Next time I'm in L.A., I need to hit that store! I mean, she was giving away Prada, Jimmy Choos, Dolce & Gabbana. I'm sure her feet are bigger than mine - but still, that gave me an idea! Thrift stores of the stars! This one must be close to her home in Calabasas.

Keep on swearing, Dense!

Oops, I meant Denise. I guess maybe that typo says it all.

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Kelley Cat said...

I know what u mean. She is not very bright. I sorta feel sorry for her because she isn't all that smart!

But I'll take those Prada shoes:-)