Thursday, June 12, 2008

I don’t know about you, but when the Sex and the City movie came out, I realized just how much I had been missing the women, the men, the humor, and most surprisingly, I realized how much I really missed the clothes – from the tasteful to the wacky!
Whether you love fashion or not, I bet you have marveled at the girls’ clothes at least once or twice. Even though I dress people for a living, my one consistent thought when watching Sex and the City has always been, “How did they come up with that outfit?!” The clothes have always been eye-catching and creative – a veritable feast for the eyes!
As a professional wardrobe stylist, I am most often contacted by women who feel that their look is boring or like they are stuck in a style rut. One of the common requests I receive is to make them look “more interesting.” Sometimes they just need a little inspiration or to see their closet with a new set of eyes.
Sex and the City has given us amazing insight into how a Hollywood stylist puts outfits together for maximum visual appeal. Even if most of the clothes are too “out there” for most people’s taste and budget, being exposed to so much fabulous fashion can’t help but rub off on us – even a little!
Fearless Fashionista
The woman who put Manolo on the map, Carrie can make an outfit out of just about anything…if it includes fantastic shoes. She throws together vintage finds and the highest fashion elements to create a style that is eclectic and all her own. She’s a fashion tightrope walker – and her only net is her keen eye for style. She can be quirky, flirty or sophisticated…but she is never boring. Carrie’s lesson to all of us is don’t be afraid to combine patterns, colors and textures and include at least one element that is over-the-top or completely unexpected.
Here, a fun party dress with a wild coat, delicious shoes and an unexpected lavender clutch that accents the ensemble.

Chic Career Woman
She started out as an ultra-conservative, dark suit-wearing attorney. And while her career wasn’t changed, her style certainly has! You will always see Miranda in clothes that beautifully highlight her warm complexion and red hair. Think for a second - do your clothes flatter your own coloring? Watch Miranda and you will see how much color selection can make even a so-so outfit into a knockout!
Here, a printed and belted dress, stylish pumps and a lawyerly but very distinct tote combine to make an outfit that is appropriate for the office – or a round of cocktails afterward!
Park Avenue Princess
When we first met Charlotte, she believed in falling in love and in fairy tales. Over the years, even through heartbreak and disappointment, she has stayed true to her romantic clothing style. Always feminine and polished from head to toe, Charlotte tends to favor print dresses that show off her hourglass figure. A “Charlotte” dresser may be the type to always match her bag and shoes – but resist that urge! It is much more interesting to not be quite so precise.
Here, the high contrast red on white pattern would accent Charlotte’s light skin and dark hair. The look is finished with a sensible white d’Orsay pump and a clutch that doesn’t match – but instead enhances the ensemble.
Sexy Temptress

I once asked my hair stylist why some women live for twenty or more years with the same hairstyle. She told me that they seem to keep the hairstyle from the time in their life when they were the “hottest.” Well, if it’s the same with clothes, then Samantha is clearly a child of the 80’s! Who else would be seen wearing royal blue leather pants or big shoulder pads in 2008?
Samantha’s wardrobe choices are always bold and brazen. She can always be found in bright, look-at-me colors and body-baring outfits. You are most likely to see her in plunging necklines (halters are a favorite) or with strategic cutouts. Her accessory choices are always strong as well. SATC costume designer Patricia Field has stated that her large metallic earrings and necklaces are her “armor.”
Here is the softer side of Samantha – a bright yellow, halter-style cocktail dress with her trademark extra large earrings. An eye-catching royal blue shoe is an unexpected touch.
Go into your closet and see if you can look at your clothes through the eyes of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha. Who knows – you may feel as whimsical as Carrie in super sexy shoes one day and seductive like Samantha the next in a clingy knit dress. Let your wardrobe empower and inspire you!
Article originally written for Inspire, the sales magazine for Pure Romance. Images used by exclusive permission of All Rights Reserved.


LucyNYC said...

How fun. Thank you!

Mel said...

I am definitely a Carrie fashionista!

I am a huge fan of printed coats (especially vintage) and mix-and-matching pieces. I lived half my natural life trying to be too matchy-matchy.

Unfortunately, I usually run out of time trying to dress myself with ALL THOSE OPTIONS in my closet. Maybe I have TOO much and it's preventing me from knowing what I have. LOL

Great article, K!

Kristal Ferguson said...

Thank you for the fabulous article. You are a really amazing fashion teacher.