Saturday, May 24, 2008

Six Degrees of...ME!

I can actually play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with myself. I am actually connected to Kevin Bacon by only TWO degrees. Can you believe it?!

My friend Mary Ann in Akron is/was John Belushi's first cousin. John Belushi was in Animal House with....a pre-stardom Kevin Bacon! (He was the Omega House's paddle boy/pledge.)

And, I can link myself to George Clooney by three degrees:

Bob Noll was my favorite professor at John Carroll. Bob created a local show for WKYC called Hickory Hideout. A girl named Kathryn Hahn was on the show and grew up to star on Crossing Jordan with Miguel Ferrer, who is George Clooney's cousin.


It's a little stupid, yes, I know. But if nothing else, it's fun to brag about at parties!

Can YOU connect yourself to any stars?

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