Thursday, May 29, 2008



It comes out tomorrow.

I've looked at every picture I could find. I've read every sin
gle spoiler.

I know - BAD!!!

But Sex and the City comes out TOMORROW!!!!!!

I don't usually buy into hype, but this is BIG.

(No pun intended.)

It feels like Christmas is coming.

For once, I don't care about reviews. It's simply a must-see. I must see it several times.

I drudged up a clip of my favorite SATC scene yesterday for Mel's blog.

Check it out

My favorite scene is not Carrie and Big being all romantic-like. Quite true to form (my preferred type of humor is silly absurdism), my fave is Miranda being sexually harassed by a sandwich.

Miranda: That sandwich out front is saying sexually explicit things to women as they walk by.

Sub shop manager:
What did he say?

Miranda: "Eat me.”

Yeah, he’s a sandwich.

No, he didn’t say it in the sandwich way. He said it in the sexual harassing way.

Lady, he’s a sandwich.

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Mel said...

HAHAH! I love that episode too!