Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Squealing in the Dressing Room

I rarely speak of my adventures with clients. But yesterday was extra-special and it deserves a space in my blog.

I was driving down to Canton yesterday morning when I realized just how much I am living my dream. I get to shop for a day with a client (and get paid very well for it) and then go to Nordstrom, where I was hosting an event that evening.

Last week, the amount of clothes I took out of my clients' closets was astounding. Most of it had to go to Goodwill because it was so old and used and worn that Dress for Success would not have taken it.

W. had not been shopping for herself, besides what her mother-in-law had bought for her, in around five years. She was an accountant, and now she's a stay-at-home mom. But it's tough to feel great when your wardrobe selections are nil.

There were "corporate" clothes and "run around with the kids" clothes. And not much else. She's young and cute, has beautiful "Autumn" coloring and nice little bod. She's ready for fun!

So we spent a day at Macy's. We bought several pairs of jeans in different dark washes, a tan trench that she absolutely loved, blouses, basics, pants, "hot mom" clothes and the cutest black cotton dress ever.

Imagine someone so excited about her new wardrobe that she was skipping out of the dressing room and squealing with delight!

Her signature color is red. I had to make her buy another pair of "fun" shoes because I knew that the crimson slingbacks were gonna get beaten up real fast.

Her signature accessory is a cool "statement" bracelet. Her wardrobe basics are brown and black. And she loves fun prints that show her fun and quirky personality.

It is so rewarding for me as a personal stylist to have a client see how beautiful she can look. My question was, "Did you KNOW you could look this hot?"

Her answer was "Who wouldda thought!?"

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