Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sore, sore, sore & crabby

I've been lifting weights like a fiend (well, at least for me) for the last 2 months. I've been able to increase how much I'm lifting considerably in the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'm turning into the incredible hulk or something (hehe). Fortunately, I'm really getting solid, not bulky. But I do keep flexing an unhealthy amount because it makes me feel like an awesome bodybuilder or something.

The increased weight factor is making me hurt, which is expected, but it makes me grouchy too. And having to go out shopping - anywhere - during the Christmas season annoys me too! Best Buy. Ugh. TJ Maxx yesterday too. GRRRR. So many people, all over the place. But mainly, in my way!!!

Good thing I found out my grinch name, which is Woefulbeast Rottenshorts. Yeah, that's me alright. It was made worse by the SNOW when I opened the door this evening. I was not expecting this. In fact, I went out this morning to Target (before the gym) in flip-flops. Bad Ms. Rottenshorts!! I can't help it! As long as there is no precipitation and it's over 40 degrees, I'm in flip-flops. Or at least shoes and no socks, which I also did today.

I have to put those silly flip-flops away already. Or they will have to pry them off my frostbitten feet.

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