Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Shopping...for ME!

I'm just about to drop after a long day of shopping at Great Northern with Leslie, Joelle, Leslie's BF Paula and her mom Linda.

We spent THREE HOURS in TJ MAXX!!! I got some great stuff - a couple of presents for others and a LOT of presents for moi.

Had lunch at Wild Mango - what a great space. And terrific Asian fusion menu. (Kudos for the special veg menus for Leslie and me.)

After a little more shopping at the mall (accessories at H&M), I headed home. put the hair in a ponytail, took off the jewelry and makeup and put on a track suit and comfy socks. I'm going to curl up with my new book, Death's Acre, and finish off my bottle of sangria.

Death's Acre chronicles the Body Farm at the U of Tennessee in Knoxville. There they study anthropology - or more specifically, human decomposition.

Sorry, I know it's an unpleasant subject, but I am a forensics junkie. Even before the CSI phenomenon, I was addicted to HBO's show Autopsy. Morbid curiousity, I guess. Autopsy used to give me insomnia. But death science, while creepy, is utterly fascinating to me.

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