Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Fashion 2007 - Coats

There is a definite sense of foreboding around these parts. I am preparing for the inevitable. A chill goes down my spine as I shudder to think that winter is right around the corner.

Just like squirrels storing nuts for the winter, I am preparing myself – mentally - for dressing for the cold. In Cleveland, the coming winter is our bleak reality. Yuck.

Did you know that what we wear can make trudging through winter a little easier? Seriously! And definitely more fun too!

I’m not a boot fanatic like my friend LisaMarie. She lives for her boots and long skirts at this time of year. For me, boots are a fact of life in winter, but I do not love them passionately. I know what you’re thinking - a type of footwear I’m NOT into? SHOCKING!

Instead, my frivolous and colorful cold weather accessories are usually scarves, gloves and hats. Of course, I lose more gloves than I have to wear, but that’s beside the point. (I realize I need to clip them to my sleeves like a 3-year old.)

While not a trend follower by any means, I’ve been observing coat trends very closely. This year, the selections are especially intriguing. I’ve been undercover at the mall lately. You may have seen me – black hat, big sunglasses, super cute shoes – no, it wasn’t Posh Spice. It was me sneaking around and checking things out!

I’ve been looking for my own new winter coats. I’ve decided to be a little more daring and fun this year.

If you are planning to select some new gear for the coming chilly weather, I encourage you to check out what’s in the stores right now. It’s a really good time to buy a new coat. (And no one even paid me to say that!)

Here’s what to wear to stay toasty warm for fall and winter 2007:

The puffer coat is hot. It’s a sporty style and looks best when worn hip-length or shorter. Long-length versions are available, but you may remind people of the Michelin Man if you wear one. Be aware that these will always make YOU look puffier, so if the goal is to look thinner, buy with caution. They are fun though….and warm.

Hmmm…..I just remembered what this reminds me of! Remember
GORE-TEX® coat on Seinfeld?

As long as it’s not purple and you don’t resemble Prince or Willy Wonka or worse, you’re in good shape. There are some gorgeous and very functional velvet coats out there. You can dress up jeans with one, or wear it for an evening out. Velvet is always luxurious. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Belted Coats
These are everywhere. Great for defining your waistline – they look good on everyone. Those that are fitted on top and flare a bit on the bottom are the most flattering. These can be worn over almost everything. The belted coat is your workhorse.

Fur Collars
(Or faux fur, as I prefer!) Right now, you can’t walk into a store’s coat department without seeing a plethora of coats – short, long and in-between – with fur collars. These run the gamut from really fake-looking to dead ringers for real fur. The trim is usually removable, so if you aren’t feeling furry that day, you can leave it at home.

Black and White Houndstooth
This looks phenomenal on women with high contrast – very dark hair and much lighter skin. For most of us with low contrast, it may be one of the worst patterns we can wear. Simply put, it overpowers us. But its influence this season cannot be ignored. If you can wear this pattern, I recommend pairing it with one vibrantly-colored accessory. You have to balance the strength of the contrast with something equally strong – hot violet gloves, or a vibrant yellow turtleneck or bright fuchsia scarf.

Shiny Metallics!
How fun are these? Matte materials are woven with just a hint of shiny thread to give a subdued sheen or sparkle. These are ideal for the holidays or anytime, really. It jazzes up the same old boring coat styles.


Ladies, if you’re in the market for a new coat, this is the right time to buy. Add accessories that make you feel good (TJ Maxx has the best scarves!) and it will be spring before we know it!

(Okay, I’m just trying to make all of us feel better. It’s not even Halloween yet. Did it work??)


chere said...

I bought a navy velvet 3/4 coat at Rich's in ATL. It's going to all my holiday parties this December.

Anonymous said...

What do u think of the coats with three quarter sleeves? To me they sort of defeat the purpose.