Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Doing the TV Thing

I will be taping a segment for Fox 8 this Friday at Macy's at South Park Mall. We're talking about outerwear and accessories. I'm going out there tonight to pull everything so I'll be prepared for the shoot.

As with every TV and media appearance, the real question is....what will I wear?? As soon as I knew I was doing it, I went into a PANIC! I have no clothes!!!!

Of course this is far from the truth. I have a massive amount of clothes. But what I like to wear doesn't necessarily play well on camera, especially with it being fall. And the camera plays tricks on us - what may look good in person may be atrocious on tv.

At least I have the experience to know this. But it's still time to PANIC for me!!!! And I might need an emergency shopping excursion before the taping.

I'm pretty sure I can handle that. Any excuse to shop :)

(BTW, the segment will be shown on That's Life with Robin Swoboda at
10:00am on Nov. 16th )

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