Thursday, October 18, 2007

Death by Workout

I wish I was one of those people for whom working out is a pleasure. I have never experienced the "high" some people say they get from a good workout. I have also never left the gym feeling invigorated, more alive, or more motivated than I did before I arrived.

When I leave the gym, I want to go home and curl up an die. To reinforce the death by workout theme, I also get really cold about a half hour after I work out. So cold, in fact, that I have to cover myself with a heavy blanket. Even in the summer.

I take three spinning classes a week, and I just added weight training to the mix, so I'm not in terrible shape and I'm relatively healthy. I like spinning a lot, and I'm working on enjoying weightlifting. So I see no reason to constantly feel yucky right after the gym.

I have to start quizzing these people who claim to feel great after a workout.

Are they crazy....or am I?

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