Thursday, October 04, 2007

Future Leaders

I am delighted to be speaking for the Future Leaders Inaugural Event happening tomorrow at my alma mater, John Carroll. This seminar is for over a hundred area high school girls who have been selected as having leadership potential. Schools represented will be urban, suburban, public and private.

Those who know me know I believe very strongly in young women having access to good female role models. We all know there are some absolutely terrible ones out there.

Scheduled to speak at the event are Kim Wheeler from Channel 3 (she actually interviewed me awhile ago), Cathy Horton (formerly Panzica), Lyndsey Walker - managing editor of Inside Business, and my dear friend and former high school cheerleading buddy (!!) DeLiska "Dee" McGhee from AmTrust Bank.

(Stephanie Tubbs Jones was supposed to be on th
e agenda, but apparently has to be in D.C. for a vote tomorrow.)

Since everyone else's topics will be leadership and career guidance sort of stuff, my program, "Learning to Shine" will provide a lighthearted look at dressing apppropriately to get ahead in life and beginning to build a personal style that isn't based on "labels" and what everyone else is wearing.

Helping to guide the future female leaders of Cleveland and the world...what an awesome opportunity!

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