Sunday, September 23, 2007

Asked the etiquette expert (LML, of course!)

So, of course I sent the previous blog entry to the lovely and talented LisaMarie Luccioni, Queen of Tact. Here is her response....
Hiya, Doll:

Actually it's interesting you blog on this topic. This past Friday, I lectured on interviewing to my honors-PLUS scholars. I highlighted how people like to have their first and last names both SPELLED CORRECTLY and how doing so was an "attention to detail" issue...this speaks to professionalism and going the extra mile.

Luccioni often gets blundered or when people write my name, they'll separate it without noticing...I prefer it one word, thank you very much. God love the people who will ASK me my preference if there is confusion: "Do you prefer Lisa or LisaMarie". I'll get that often. Good of them for asking.

I agree with you...we all make mistakes and are fallible, but in terms of perception (especially those oh-so-important first ones), this can be a deal-breaker.

love...the one-worded....


LisaMarie Luccioni, MA, AICI, CIP
Adjunct Associate Professor
Certified Image Professional
Department of Communication
University of Cincinnati

(Isn't she the best??)

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