Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's K-R-I-S-T-E-N!!!!

I have to do this right now. My apologies if you're reading this, but my blog gives me a safe haven to rant once in awhile. It's my right.

Know what perhaps my biggest pet peeve is? I hate when people DON'T SPELL MY FIRST NAME CORRECTLY!!!! If they have no way of knowing how to spell it, that's one thing (or they can google me - duh!), but when I've known someone for several years and she is still spelling it wrong, that's a clear sign of either ignorance or disregard. And the person I'm talking about is clearly not stupid. She just spells my name wrong every time.

I know that KRISTEN comes in a lot of different varieties. But take the time and care to find out how I spell mine and use it if you're going to write to me, please.

Today I was called "Kristin" by the person I mentioned above and then "Kirstin" in an email response I received from someone else. My name was right in front of both of their faces!!

Just pay attention, people! I am extra careful to spell first and last names correctly, which is why I get so perturbed when people don't care enough to spell mine right.

Locally, people don't do it much because I am fairly well-known - besides Kim Crow from the PD (who regularly spells it "-in"). But the two in question today are not local....

Still, I am irked, and this definitely gives me a poor impression of them, whether a new acquaintance or someone I've known for years.

But what do I do besides blog about it and make sure they see my name again and again. And again. Makes me want to continue building my brand better and stronger.

Do you think
many people misspell "Oprah"???

P.S. I only allow a handful of people call me anything other than my given name or "K" or "KK".

My dad calls me Cupcake, Dan calls me Kiki (took awhile to get used to that one, but I finally started embracing it), and Kelly (and ONLY Kelly) can call me "Kris."

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