Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Major Fashion (Almost) Risk

I was was considering taking one of the biggest fashion risks of my life tomorrow.

I was seriously thinking about wearing jeans (very dark, dressy denim) to lunch at the Union Club. I have a lunch meeting there and then a much less formal meeting afterward, followed by some possible work with Dan, which will be incredibly informal (remember, he wears Microsoft 95 shorts).

I hate dressing up these days! Isn't that weird for someone like me to say?

I truly loved the idea of "sticking it" to the stuffy club. (I am always a true rebel at heart.)

But then I looked up the dress code, which specifically states no denim. Then I remembered Michael DeAloia saying that he had jeans and a sport coat on in the bar there once before a Cavs game and another club member complained -- oh please. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?

(This is a place that has only let women in the front door for the last handful of years, so to say they are a little behind the times is an understatement. Don't get me started about the wait staff!)

So I nixed the dressy denim (grrrr!) and have to alter my lunch ensemble for my more fashion-forward meeting afterward.

This means pairing my cardigan with a T-shirt instead of its shell, putting on a pair of dark wash jeans and some exciting shoes and being myself: Fashionable and fun.

I'm much more interesting when I get too be (and dress like) me.


Maria L said...

That doesn't sound like fun!!

Maria L said...

Didn't Cleveland realize there was a Civil War?

Love your blog! Hope your head is feeling better!