Monday, September 17, 2007

Assaulted at the Browns Game

I was fortunate to be at Sunday's Browns game with my good friend Dan Hanson. He has some great season tickets. I was with him last year at the best game of the year (vs. Chiefs at the beginning of December) and again yesterday for what will definitely be one of the highlights of this season (they have a lot of work to do for the next 14 games if they want to top this outing).

So yes, I am sensing a pattern here. Kiki = Good Luck for the Browns

Last week against Pittsburgh was such a trainwreck, it (almost) put Britney at the VMA's to shame. Surely one of the worst embarrassments in Browns history....

My highlight (??) was getting knocked in the head by one of Dan's 4-ton elbows. He was standing up cheering and I was in the process of standing and all I remember was seeing stars and severe pain. Today, I have a big lump on the top of my head, a headache, ringing ears and my eyes look funny. Minor concussion perhaps?

Despite the head trauma, it was a good day. The Browns won, it was a beautiful day to sit outside, and as always, we laughed a lot. Despite the obvious visual differences - about a foot in height, one who is a Cleveland Fashionista, the other is the Great Lakes Geek and proudly wears 12-year old sweat shorts, Dan and I are eerily similar. What did I call our friendship? Strange and unexpected? It's pretty accurate.

Sunday was a good day for others as well:

1) I am so proud of LisaMarie for speaking to the masses at the University of Cincinnati's Convocation yesterday. She was the keynoter. You made your University, your family, your AICI Chapter, and your dear friend KK very proud, Professor! Congrats!!! (Being invited to keynote the UC Convocation is a BIG DEAL.)

2) I was delighted to hear that my favorite show, 30 Rock won the Emmy for best comedy last night! I always think back to seeing Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch at Second City Chicago in 1996 and Jason Sudeikis (from SNL and a guest star on 30 Rock) at Second City Vegas in 2003.

Who knew?!?

(Yes, I still love The Office, but 30 Rock is a stroke of absurdist brilliance!)

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