Monday, September 03, 2007

Notes from Labor Day

I didn't do too much today. Good thing. I feel like I am getting sick. Thanks, mom. I don't get to see my mom or grandparents terribly often (my fault - they all live less than 10 miles away), but I went out to dinner with them on Friday night. My mom felt a cold coming on, and by last night, I was getting it too. Ugh.

Fast forward to today and I have been drinking tea and eating Cold-eeze like candy. I am trying like crazy to keep it away.

Spoke with LisaMarie tonight. Lots of stuff that makes one want to say "GRRRRR" going on down in Cincy. A little anxiety and frustration. But it's always good to connect with my dear friend. She is one of the few people with whom I actively seek out phone conversations. I know, I'm a girl, right, I'm supposed to love talking on the phone. I am definitely one of the exceptions.

Maybe it's the out of town factor. I had a long conversation with Kel last night because she is far away again. Back at FIT in NYC. When she's here in town, we usually connect over coffee.

I gave her a mantra that she is using in her senior year: Last year, last year, last year (keep repeating...)

She can't wait for this school year to end.

I wish Lisa lived closer. Ugh. Seeing her a handful of times every year just doesn't cut it :(

Look at how cute we are partying it up at Sunset Lounge a couple of weeks ago!
KK & LML: Both born at Fairview General Hospital! A very strange coincidence since Lisa's family is from PA (as is my Gram) and she has lived all her life in Cincinnati! Go figure....

And now back to me actively seeking out video from Dateline: To Catch a Predator online (it's not on right now on MSNBC).

It's not like I have a book or articles to write or anything....disgusting predators come first!

By the way, I have caught a couple of episodes recently of the Style network's "Life in the Fab Lane" with Kimora Lee Simmons.

I find myself disliking her intensely. Part of me says it is just her playing to the cameras, but I really do believe we are seeing her and her world fairly accurately. For all of us future magnates out there, this is clearly NOT the way to behave - whether there are cameras following us around or not. I am all for being rich and fabulous, but I don't think one needs to be a diva and loudmouth to be influential and feel important.

Some of us still respect class and dignity.

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