Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

I just finished watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on Bravo. I wasn't sure what to expect, only knowing Tim from Project Runway, his blog on and the copious interviews I have read with him.

I have no idea why, but from the first time I ever saw Tim, I said, "Wow, this guy has something here." It's the "IT" factor. He comes across as sensible, stern and compassionate, but with a very dry sense of humor and an unusual charisma. He's very real, but at the same time is unlike anyone I have ever run across.

So when I heard his book was coming out, it was a must-have for my style book library, and when his show premiered tonight, I knew I needed to watch. And I was there...taking notes, believe it or not.

I was so thankful that he took this makeover candidate through the process of image development, not just making her into a fashion plate. There are a lot of stylists who will add more clothes to a person's already overflowing closet. In my own practice, I always feel like I am the doctor, diagnosing the underlying "illness" beneath the clothes that are being stockpiled but not worn.

Supermodel Veronica Webb, one of my runway faves from the 90's is his co-host. One thing she said really struck a chord with me -

"That rut is so deep there's, like, magma down there."

I happen to be writing an article for Pure Romance's sales magazine about getting stuck in a rut called From Drab to Fab: How to break out of your style slump, so of course it stood out to me.

Tim sent the young lady, Rebecca, to a "life stylist" named Jared, who put her in a garbage bag top. No, I am not kidding. I will have to ask Coach Joelle her thoughts on that. But the one thing he said that I liked was to "always walk like you're listening to the soundtrack of your life." Wow, profound. I like that.

He also had her repeat the mantra,

"I cannot control how I am perceived,
I can only control how I am presented."

Very cool. It's what image consultants preach on a daily basis! It's called "impression management" and is a fundamental principle of image development!

Tim has a list of his TEN MUST-HAVES (Don't we all? Mine are about 2/3 the same as his!)
Here's Tim's list:

1) Basic Black Dress
2) Trench coat
3) Fitted blazer
4) Sweater
5) Classic white shirt
6) Day Dress
7) "Sweatsuit alternative"
8) Classic dress pants
9) Jeans
10) "Trendy indulgent item"

In conclusion, it was an enjoyable show. It was a lot like a low-key, more educational What Not to Wear. I like that it is done on film, which makes it look more classy and expensive.

I also realized that if I wanted to go all out and buy a bunch of designer pieces, my clear choice would be Catherine Malandrino. She designs for the Romantic fashion personality. And I am accepting more and more my place as a Romantic.

The dress she gave Rebecca the makeover candidate was perfection. Wow....


Angel said...

I saw this show and thought it was pretty good. Tim on Project Runway is better though.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. The trash bag guy "life stylist" or whatever didn't do it for me. The show was okay. I would watch again. Tim is kind of funny.