Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wild & Fruity

As I continue to write my book, my therapy (or what keeps me out of a straightjacket) is doing a little shopping here and there. My daily writing uniform inlcudes a track suit, t-shirt with a girly saying (i.e., “Eye Candy”, “Smart Blonde”, “Hell on Heels”, "I'm naturally blonde, so please speak slowly" – the shirts I don’t dare leave the house in!), and my hair is up in a bun. Really attractive, I know. But it serves its purpose. Writing a book is a no nonsense, zero glamour business.

But I am shopping for next summer. After the book is finished, I plan to have lots of FUN, FUN, FUN and maybe go on a cruise or take a vacation to Hawaii.

My wardrobe is reflecting my future fun in a really strange way.

Somewhere along this journey, I unconsciously decided to dress like a big bowl of fruit.

I’ve always said that women – including me – rely too heavily on their basics. Mainly, this means we wear too much black. Right now though, I’m sailing in untested waters for me. I called it “true style evolution” to LisaMarie. I am buying only what I’m attracted to on a very primal level.

And believe me, it’s fruity.

The colors of lime, tangerine, tomato red (tomatoes, are, after all, really fruits), bright grape, lemon yellow, kiwi and watermelon are attracting me right now and I’m powerless to resist.

I’m not wearing pastels or colors muted or toned down in any way. I want everything to be pure and bright. And the patterns I am selecting are absolutely wild. I don’t know where this is coming from. All I can say is that a force greater than me is at work here. I must be celebrating something on the inside and it’s bubbling to the surface.

As a professional color analyst, I will admit I am taking a few liberties with my color palette. So sue me! I have no choice in the matter.

I only hope I am feeling this wild and fruity next summer when I actually have to wear these clothes :P

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