Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer of Color

I’ve already mentioned my penchant for the color orange. I can’t believe where this summer is taking me with my foray into color. Wow. I can’t even explain it! I had to dash out to meet Dan to pick out some promotional items for I had maybe ten minutes to get dressed. I threw on “petite” jeans, this means they are short enough to wear flats, a light lemon yellow twinset, and the red leather ballet flats I bought last week along with the tote bag I bought to go with them. It’s white with big red polka dots. It looked 1) bright and 2) cute. Not cutesy. But cute. I looked like I had put a whole lot more thought into that outfit than I actually did.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time), I’m really smart about planning outfits ahead. I almost bought the black & white version of the bag, but was also holding these red shoes in my hand (I wanted them for accent anyway and noticed that they matched the red bag. What luck!

It’s amazing how much color I am buying and wearing this year. In the fall and winter, I was living in black and brown, but since the warm weather hit, I just want colors that are clear, bright, warm and happy!

These include orange, tomato red, lime green, watermelon, salmon pink, clear shades of yellow, coral, aqua, bright purple, and bright turquoise. I’m really exploring the “Spring” side of my “Light Summer” color season. Pastels, dusty colors, muted shades, and colors that are too dark are such a turnoff to me right now. The colors I’m wearing are really happy colors to me and I’m loving wearing them. I’m even buying jewelry in these colors. It’s really fun to explore this side of myself.

Color psychology. There really is something to it! I think everyone should go through a colorful phase to understand the power of color on their mood and how it can impact so many facets of their life.

But I shudder to think of what I will think next year about my crazy wardrobe from the summer of ’07!

I can only hope it will make me as happy then as its making me now!

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