Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tragedy, thy name is Lindsay

I feel compelled to comment on someone who is proving to be one of the dumbest and most tragic people ever to walk the face of the earth.

Lindsay Lohan.

She was so cute in The Parent Trap. What the heck happened?

I’m guessing bad parenting combined with the Hollywood influence.

After completing an extended stay in rehab and wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet, she was arrested last night on suspicion of drunk driving and was found with cocaine in her pocket.

Sorry, but this is well beyond a sardonic blog entry.

What is going to make this girl see the light and stop this behavior??? Surely this second stint in rehab didn’t work.

I suppose the one good aspect is that it doesn’t appear that young women are using her behavior as an example. Thank God. Most see her as a joke. “What has Lindsay done this time?”

Unfortunately, it stopped being funny months ago.

My first hope is that she will go to jail. And not just for a brief period, kept away from the general population like Paris. I think Linds will require tougher measures.

She is in serious peril if she doesn’t straighten up soon. She just turned 21 at the beginning of this month. At the rate she’s going, she will either be dead in a couple of years or if she somehow manages to survive, she will look like Keith Richards by age 30.

I also believe she needs to become unemployable. To my knowledge she has never been a huge box office draw. Despite being extremely talented, she has more of a reputation as a media sideshow/train wreck than as someone who brings in big numbers at the box office.

In Hollywood, money talks. If she is costing them money by delaying production (Georgia Rule), being a factor in killing productions, or becoming too much of a risk for on-set insurance, she will quickly find herself without work.

She certainly doesn’t seem to have anyone steering her in the right direction. She is at a point where she needs someone to get tough with her. I hope a stint in jail combined with a career that has dried up will scare her onto the right track.

It isn’t fun to see someone making so many grave mistakes. I sincerely want to see her straighten out, but every step she takes in the wrong direction makes it far more difficult to pull out of her downward spiral.

That is just sad.

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