Monday, June 11, 2007

Books & Newspapers

I dropped by Borders today to pick up Penelope Trunk's new book, Brazen Careerist (yes, Penelope, I finally bought it!). I also found a little diamond in the bargain section: Lloyd Boston's Make Over Your Man for $3.99!

(Lloyd is a fabulous fashion expert)

I know for sure that I won't get to read it for a looooong time, but I am adding it to my library anyway. A men's book is in the works for me down the road. Oh, and a men's newsletter is coming this week as well. How could I forget?

(Duh, silly, I forgot because I haven't worked on anything for it yet! Bad KK!! But I have literally been too busy!)

Also, I am quoted in Henry Gomez's column on the cover of BusinessMonday (I know he will be looking in here for a mention).


Thanks especially for this quote, HG:

Quite honestly, I can’t resist the urge to gossip,” said Kristen Kaleal, a Cleveland image consultant and style expert who works with companies to address such issues.

Grrrrr >:{
I don't remember saying that!
But I probably did. I have selective amnesia.
And I know someone else who likes to gossip, but I won't name names.....

But nice job on the article otherwise, buddy.

Also, see Responding to Rumors

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