Monday, June 11, 2007

Typos - WOW!

I stumbled onto a "response to Paris" message board. I found some really eye-opening typos and misspellings that made me laugh. You may agree - these are both funny and scary!

- I thnk the early release is miscarridge of justice. After that murder O.J. got off, I should not be surprised.

- How about if we STOP ENCOURAGING AND GALMORIZING this self-destructive and disgusting behavior??!!

- i dont like paris she is too wild and crazy and i think it is time she has had some decent disapline.

- If she was my daughter , I would be embarressed, also the way Paris & her friends carry on!!

- I am tried of the news coverage of the 'poor little rich girls' and their selfish needs to used illegal drugs and alcohol.

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