Saturday, May 12, 2007

Very Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I've been writing and watching Shear Genius all day today on Bravo. I was inspired to trim my bangs. I cut them a little short, but they look ok. Did a sort of a 70's inspired 'do.

Wearing my new black track suit with white trim. Underneath is a powder blue tank that has been in with my workout clothes but I never wore before. It has skulls and crossbones with little bows. I've had it for about 4 years. Way before the skull and crossbones fad we're seeing. See? I've wanted to be a
girly pirate for years now.

Drinking my new favorite beverage - caffeine free Diet Coke with Torani sugar-free coconut syrup from World Market. It's like drinking coconut rum & Coke, but without the eventual impairment. I can't drink and write. The two just don't go together.

Which reminds me, I'm very annoyed with Ty Pennington. No, I do not know the guy, although he did work on my mom's hairstylist's inlaws' house with Trading Spaces years ago. Now, not only is he overexposed and of questionable talent, he had that arrest for DUI last week. Last evening I saw the premiere issue of his magazine on the newsstand. And I got really mad. Never really noticed anything the guy did before, but last night I was truly mad! Why? I think it's because now that he is a brand - the Ty Pennington BRAND - there are a lot of people with faith in him (although I personally don't understand his allure - the goofy hair?) and more importantly there is a ton of money behind him.

One who is in the public eye should be on his/her best behavior at all times anyway (unless attempting to gain attention through bad behavior), but when so much is riding on one to build a brand, don't mess it up. Use your brain a little, Ty.

Martha has had to fight to rebuild her brand after her very public missteps, and Ty is only in the infancy of his brand. So he better be good from now on....

As Austin Powers would say,


Julie said...

Sheer Genius was pretty annoying, but I was glad Anthony won. It felt like a cheapo version of Priject Runway.

Style~Genie said...

Ty Pennington has stupid hair and isn't hot-so why does he have a show? That megaphone is annoying -