Sunday, May 13, 2007

Indulging Your Inner KK

Lesson 1: Buying Gifts
I've known this for a long time, but have only shared it with the world through my blog and some of the articles I've written:

I have a slightly askew way of looking at the world.
For those who know me, you're proba
bly like, "NO KIDDING!".

Due to the quirkiness and slight absurdity that is inherent in my DNA, I have decided to create a guide to being like me - yes, that is what everyone wants, correct? To be a goofy, rather self-indulgent (but awfully generous!), and somewhat overly intelligent girly girl.

Are you ready to accept the challenge??

I ran out today to buy a Mother's Day gift for my grandma (a.k.a. "Gram"). Took care of my mom earlier this week, but since I am book-braindead, I forgot about Gram. The safest gift to give her are earrings. Really small earrings.

So I grabbed my magnifying glass and started out on a quest for really small earrings for Gram. Then I realized I was doing exactly what I do EVERYTIME I shop for gifts. I was shopping for myself. Ah yes, the tested and trusted KK philosophy of "one for them, one or two (or more) for K" was again rearing its ugly head. I cannot shop for someone else without also shopping - and buying - for me. It's especially bad when I am buying Christmas presents and am buying for multiple people. I am thus allowed to buy exponentially more stuff pour moi.

In fact, it's pretty much de rigeur that I buy a bunch of stuff for myself every time I go out. (See, my 6 years of high school and college French are finally paying off!)

It's weird because when I am shopping with someone else or with a client, I am able to take on their fashion personality and focus solely on them. No problem there.

But when I am out, alone, buying a gift for someone else, I am only shopping for one person: ME

And that's OK. I did buy Gram a beautiful pair of really small earrings - green and a little sparkly - and I got a pair too - although mine are about 120% bigger than hers - and MINE were on clearance!

The lesson here? Be generous and buy people nice gifts, but when you indulge your inner KK, the big winner is YOU!

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Anonymous said...

k, you are too silly! at least you admit you like to shop for yourself -ALOT